Hurricane Harvey

How did I react to these news?

Well, as I watched the news the other day I was shook. People had been told to evacuate, but some chose to stay behind. I do understand that they do not want to leave their homes behind, but they knew the hurricane was on its way, not how powerful it would be. They told the news that there was several times they had heard of a hurricane which was on its way, but it was not as powerful as predicted. So, they took a chance.

Seeing the damages after the storm made me feel sad. All that water in the streets, homes under water and cars floating by. It is also expected to rise another 12 feet by today!

As I read the article I felt a bit scared because the scientists said they are expecting more weather like this in the future. This is an effect of “Global Warming”.

What have I learnt from it?

This certainly has gotten me to think of my own actions actually. I want to be environmentally conscious and do my best to prevent these kind of things. Of course, me alone will not be enough, but if people of the world realize that there actually is things we can do to stop or at least slow down global warming, I believe we can do it!

More things I would like to find out about by reading the article

I would like to find out more about…

  1. The Hurricane itself
  2. How do the people who live there feel about this
  3. More about what happened before the storm
  4. What we can do to help.

Do I agree with the article?

I do agree with the article. It is mostly the fault of us humans, but the hurricane could still have developed some time no matter if we had been environmental or not.


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